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Mountain bike


"Mountainbike School Roen" tour schedule

  • 5 guided mountain bike tours in 2 performance classes

Monday: Montiggl Lakes tour

Performance class 1 and 2 start together towards Lake Caldaro, then cross through orchards and vineyards until they arrive in the Montiggl forest, where they part ways. Performance class 1 will reach the most beautiful viewpoints by cycling on trails. Performance class two will mostly use forest roads for their tour. At noon, we meet at the smaller lake of the Montiggl Lakes, where the tour will continue after a short break.

Performance class 1: 900 metres of elevation – 45 kilometres

Performance class 2: 700 metres of elevation – 45 kilometres

Tuesday: Roen – The big tour

This is the absolute highlight of the tour. The Roen (2116 metres) is our ‘local’ mountain. Whether it be driving up or driving down, this tour will be demanding. Pushing your bicycle is no shame on this tour. For all your effort, you will be awarded with a wonderful view on the Dolomites, the Ortler Massif and the Brenta Group. The 1900 metres of elevations on 14 kilometres of single trail should also be noted.

Performance class 1: 2000 metres of elevation – 55 kilometres – Start 8:40 am

Skill training

We have to go all the way up to the Zoggler field, which will be quite challenging. Up here, we have the whole day to improve our skills: Curving around on the field, hill start at the mountain or downhill hairpin bends, everything is possible here.

Performance class 2: 600 metres of elevation – 20 kilometres – Start: 09:30 am

Wednesday: Ice Holes

Today, a special natural beauty awaits us. The Ice Holes are a sink with the dimensions of a football field in the middle of the woods, 550 metres above sea level.

An interesting fact: the vegetation that exists here can normally only be seen above 1500 metres and consists of alpine roses, larches, lingonberries and many more. Even in May, small icicles in caves can be found.

Performance class 1: 1200 metres of elevation – 50 kilometres

Performance class 2: 800 metres of elevation – 50 kilometres

Thursday: Trudner Horn Nature Park

We will go to Trodena by car, from where we follow the European E5 path until we arrive at the Trudner Horn (1830 metres) in the nature park of the same name. For the downhill ride, we can choose from amazing trails through woods and old cart paths. The pulpit will offer us an amazing view over Bolzano and its environs all the way to Salorno.

Performance class 1: 2000 metres of elevation – 60 kilometres – Start: 09:30 am

Performance class 2: 900 metres of elevation – 35 kilometres – Start: 09:30 (shuttle service to Trodena)

Friday: Tramin - Single Trail Course

A beautiful tour, where every downhill metre will be on single trail. Flowing single trails around Termeno await us, including tracks unknown to GPS- devices.

Performance class 1: 1400 metres of elevation – 37 kilometres – Start: 09:30 am

Tramin-Tramin Tour

This tour’s name origins can be found in a funny question a cyclist asked me once. ‘Where are we?’, he asked. We had already been cycling for three hours and had just sat down on a terrace for lunch. My answer to the somewhat confused guest was: ‘In Termeno’. To be more specific, we were at the Gummerer Hof, 750 metres above Termeno, it’s just that the village could not be seen from the terrace. His answer was: ‘We have been going for so long and are still in Termeno?’. We came here across Lake Caldaro and the Friedensweg to Castelvecchio.

After the stop, we’ll continue to Cortaccia where we’ll have the whole Unterland in front of us.

Performance class 2: 800 metres of elevation – 50 kilometres – Start: 09:30 am

Price for tours: € 30,00 per person

Skill training
  • Optimal balance and position on the bike
  • Proper hill start at the mountain
  • Stopping on steep terrain or in case of danger
  • Uphill or downhill hairpin bends
  • Curving technique
  • Braking technique
  • Defeat steps and roots without fear
  • Single trail surfing
  • Jumping over obstacles

Price per person including a practice round (6 hours): € 45,00

Bicycle rent 
  • Mountain bike with suspension fork € 15,00 per day
  • Fully suspended mountain bike € 25,00 per day
  • Contact: bikeschool.roen@gmailcom


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