Vinumhotel Teutschhaus

Already in 1598, today's Teutschhaus is mentioned as "Wirtstafern" with wine shop and counts thus to the oldest taverns of the South Tyrolean Unterland. After the end of the First World War, the wine trade was stopped, but the winery and the inn stayed. Since then, the Teutsch family has dedicated their time to the culture of sustainable winegrowing

Recently, we are a proud member of the Vinum Hotels Südtirol and are therefore wine-loving hosts and excellent ambassadors of the South Tyrolean wine.

South Tyrol is synonymous with gastronomy - and with vacation. In addition, South Tyrol is a land of first-rate wines, cultivated on valley floor and hillside alike, thanks to a favourable Alpine-Mediterranean climate. What could be
better, then, if not combining vacation and gastronomy? The objective of the Vinum Hotels Südtirol group is precisely that.


In and around the Hotel Teutschhaus